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Stencil Holder The Sweetest Tiers


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The Sweetest Tiers Stencil Holder is sure to elevate your cookie game!  It’s sturdy and quality is top notch!  You will enjoy years of making stencils!

Fits standard 5.5″ and larger stencils.

Frame opening is 4.75″ and easily accommodates a 4.5” square 1/4″-3/8″ rolled cookie with icing. Approximately 1/2″ finished cookie.

For thicker cookies, the Sweet Stencil Holder Extender frame is available for purchase separately.

For thinner cookies we recommend using a Clear Turntable mat on the base to elevate your cookie.

Hand Made in Canada

Instructions for use

*Remove top frame from holder by sliding it to release the magnetic hold.

*Secure stencil between both frames to ensure contact with all four magnets.  Do not allow top frame to snap down on holder. 

*Lift hinged frame by extension tab and place cookie on the base.

*If using a placement guide, slip guide under plastic sheet and align with stencil and cookie.

*Swipe with royal icing or airbrush.

*Lift hinged frame, remove cookie and repeat.

*To remove stencil from frame, slide top frame to release the magnetic hold then lift. 

Stenciling has never been so easy and precise!


Care Instructions


NOT DISHWASHER SAFE – Wipe with damp cloth or rinse with warm water and dry with soft cloth.

DO NOT use hot water as it can damage both the acrylic and magnets.

DO NOT leave immersed in water.

DO NOT use Glass cleaner, Alcohol or Acetone to clean.



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