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Paint Powder and Lustre Activator Alcohol Free 50ml


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Paint & Dust with Zero Fuss! Sweet Sticks Alcohol Free Activator is a revolutionary solution to turn our Paint Powders & Lustres into pure paint designed for the Vegan, Conscious Caker and Stencil Artist decorators.

This product is a game changer for non alcohol and vegan cake decorators as it consists of zero alcohol and it only uses vegan friendly ingredients.

It paints on almost all mediums and dries completely rub free leaving your finished product perfect for your customer.

Pack your cookies and cakesicles with complete ease knowing that your product won’t be damaged during pack down.

To use on stencils or large surface areas we recommend our ‘Paint & Dust with Zero Fuss’ method to ensure a perfect even coat.

Simply Paint a thin coat of activator onto medium on its own first. Then Dust your lustre on afterwards for the most amazing metallic shine.

For a paint, simply mix equal parts or until you have found the right consistency.

As this product is water based – large surface areas on fondant and chocolate do not work well when mixed together forming a paint.

We would recommend trying our Paint & Dust with Zero Fuss method as mentioned above.


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