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Silicone Pastry Mat The Sugar Shoppe


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The Sugar Shoppe Silicone Pastry Mat makes working with dough easier.

Our pastry mat eliminates the issue of sticky dough.

It creates a surface that helps roll out pie crusts to just the right size using the guides.

Working with sugar cookies becomes easier! Use less flour, eliminate dough sticking to the counter, our pastry mat helps cookies hold their shape so they bake more evenly, and it reduces the mess in your kitchen.

Each countertop surface draws the cold out of dough differently, this creates a challenge when working with dough. The Sugar Shoppe Silicone Pastry Mat creates a surface to work on that won’t slip or allow the dough to become difficult to work with. Making all of your dough jobs easier, cleaner and simpler.

Get ready to enjoy working with dough rather than fighting with it!

Mat is made of .7mm thick FDA approved silicone, is 24″ wide x 17″ tall and comes with 8 pie guide sizes as well as measurements along all edges.


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