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Clear Grip FIlbert #2


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The grip-like handle on the brush feels secure in your hand and is stable for free style drawing.

Filbert brushes are a flat painting brush with an oval shaped end and medium to long hairs. This brush is a blend between flat and round as it combines properties of both to create wide variety of strokes.

The Filbert brush is a narrow, flat brush with hairs that come to a rounded point. Used on its side, a filbert gives a thin line. Used flat it produces a broad brushstroke. Filberts can be used for blending, water colour washing, stroking, soft round edges, filling round areas, creating round strokes like leaves and flowers, shades and highlights.

  • Super soft synthetic bristles
  • Perfect Coverage
  • Precision for your cakes, cookies and desserts
  • Brushes come in 3 colours and selected at random
  • Wash brushes after use to maintain quality and shape
  • Pat-dry brush well after cleaning before dipping brush back in paint


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