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Mini Lustre Brush #2


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Mini Lustre Brush #2.

Introducing the Mini Lustre Brush, the ultimate tool for adding fine dusting details to your stenciled creations.

Whether you’re a professional pastry chef or a home baker, this brush is designed to bring your Cakes and cookies to life! The compact size and lightweight design of the Mini Lustre Brush make it easy to handle and control, allowing you to add delicate dusting of lustrous powders, edible glitter, or any other edible dusts with ease. The brush’s pointed tip and dense bristles make it easy to follow the lines of your stencils, ensuring that your dusting details are neat and accurate.

Crafted from 100% food grade materials, this mini brush is safe for use with all your favourite edible dusts and safe for consumption.

The soft, synthetic bristles are gentle on your delicate desserts yet effective in adding precise details to your stenciled designs. This brush is perfect for buffing our Lustre into surfaces to either lightly coat a product or buff out lustre application imperfections.

Super soft synthetic bristles. Perfect Coverage. Precision for your cakes, cookies and desserts.


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