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Wooden Cookie Box


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Package your beautiful cookies in these unique wooden boxes for an upscale presentation. Lightweight real wood!

8″ x 2.75″ x 1.25″

Flat packed and have incredibly easy assembly! Adhesive strips already attached to the boxes.

  • Pack includes boxes and plastic lids
  • Simple assembly required
  • Made of real wood, eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Food contact safe
  • The lids do not “snap” onto the boxes piece of cello tape or tied ribbon will keep them closed


  • Wood box base is 8.0″ long x 2.75″ wide.
  • Completed box with raised clear lid is 1.5″ high.

Made in China


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I snapped the sides off of my box when I was folding them for assembly. What gives?You are likely trying to assemble the box inside out, so to speak, and the wooden sides of these boxes are not flexible in both directions like those on paper boxes. Lay the box TABS-SIDES-DOWN on your table and then lift the sides of the box upwards. This will crease the sides in the one direction in which they are meant to go, and you can then remove the tabs to expose the glue strips and finish assembly.
  • Do the lids fit snugly?The lids for these boxes fit perfectly on top, but they will not stay in place without a little assistance, as they simply sit on top. Use some tape and even a ribbon for a fancier finish.


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